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During the past decade over 10,000 people in the Western United States alone have received benefits from attending this workshop and have learned new ways to prevent injuries.  

Why not you?

Learn the truth about safety programs, engaging employees, and improving safety performance.

If your current safety program does not cover all of these: improved morale, cleaner and more orderly work site, reduction in injuries, improved 2 way communication, and effective problem solving by hourly employees- please sign up for the on line or face-to-face workshop. 

  You, too,  can eliminate lost-time accidents and reduce your worksite's recordable injury rate by 50% within 1 year!

What You Will Learn

These evidence-based strategies offer the most effective, long-term approach for helping leaders do the right things around safety. Leaders who understand and apply these principles are better able to guide their organizations to safety solutions that produce maximum benefits..

       To replicate this workshop in your city or to schedule a private session at your work site, please e-mail           us at: ted.boyce@cbsafety.com or call us at 775-232-3099.  Not able to attend in person this time?

Once you have taken the on line course, you can download your certificate of completion and register for the in person face to face course for $100 off!

Motivating Safety at Work!

Public Training, Face-to-Face Workshop

Special offer: $154.00 per person


1. Burlingame, California-March 2018***, location Double Tree

2.  Irvine, California- June 2018*** (Location to be confirmed). 

3. Reno, Nevada-July 2018*** (Location TBD - likely Marriott Courtyard South of town)

4. Fremont, California-October 2018***-(Location TBD- most likely the Hyatt)

***dates to follow. Times 8am-4pm***

***request a 4 hour workshop or on-site training by filling out our online form****  

Motivating Safety at Work is NOT a trainer certification course and is available to managers, supervisors, and employees working in high-risk industry.  Consultants and their firms and others are encouraged to visit www.cbsafety.com for complimentary information and must obtain permission via e-mail to reprint or reuse materials. $154 per person includes a continental breakfast. 

2018 Workshop Description
​​​​​​Increase employee motivation for safety with this practical workplace safety training.
During this 4-Hour workshop you will learn scientifically-validated employee motivation and communication strategies. 
Workbook and Certificate of Completion provided to all participants.
Wondering what types of companies might use this service? Here is a list of satisfied client types: Agriculture, CPR/ First Aid, C.E.T. , Chemical, Construction, Emergency Management/ Fire Safety, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, Metal Fabricating Section, Mining,Industrial Hygiene, Risk and Insurance, Public Utilities, Public Employer, Security, Transportation/ Aerospace,  indeed any of those businesses and their employees who are subject to EPA, MSHA and OSHA Safety guidelines. 

Motivating Safety at Work

Learn how to start and sustain positive culture change from within!

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New! Is yourSafety program lacking a formal psychology based injury reduction component?  If so, we have developed a short self-paced online course which can be taken on smart phone, pc or tablet.